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Benefits of Converting Odds in Sports Betting

With so many different systems of odds out there, it can be a bit daunting for beginners in particular to get used to even the three most popular varieties. In most cases, beginners often find that it is less daunting to begin by sticking to one particular system of odds.

But what do you do if you happen to then go to a bookie that uses a different type? If you know how to  convert odds, you could frame them in the style you’re used to – and that will help you to instinctively know what the odds are telling you.

The best roulette and poker on our site online casino gambling casino. Go to and get big bonuses! Nowadays there are many websites and odds-calculators out there that help make this conversion easy. Without such a resource however, you may find the conversion process in itself to be fairly involved because it requires knowledge of what the different types of odds are telling you.

Once you have converted the odds however, you’ll find that you’re able to extract the information you require. At a glance you’ll undoubtedly be able to know which team is favored to win, what the payout is on both teams, what your winnings will be, and so on.

For example, if a casino such as Online Games is offering decimal odds of 2.5 – you’d be able to convert it to fractional odds of 3/2 or American odds of (+150).

Long story short, you’ll be able to bet on the outcome as confidently as if the casino or bookie you’re using was providing the sort of odds you’re most familiar with.

That being said, since most casinos and bookies online tend to favor decimal odds – it may be a good idea to start acclimatizing yourself with them and then converting other odds into those terms. Make no mistake this isn’t compulsory by any means, but it would be the most beneficial way to get started.

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